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Get all your financial services linked to Africa in
one place.


Compare the cheapest and easiest way to send & receive money 


Buy services for you and your family back home


Find investment & funding opportunities (reliable and interesting) in Africa

Designed to make your Transfer…

Easier | Faster | Cheaper | Secure

Our commitment is to provide the easiest & cheapest way to send money to Africa in seconds…

No hidden fees.

Designed to address your security
& trust concerns

Did you hear about the history of Mamadou or Meriem…

We know all the problems that diasporas are facing when they want to send money (hidden fees) or make an investment (lack of trust paradigm). Our commitment is to offer you the safest marketplace to do financial transactions towards Africa under european regulation control.

Designed to let you care…
Buy Services for your family back home

Yewou let you go beyond remittance issue because we know now that diasporas don’t only want to just send money…

You can purchase services, pay bills for your family, subscribe for insurance products, have fun with our tourism service, and more.

Designed to let you bring impacts…Invest in valuable projects

Be Part of Africa renaissance & find investment opportunities in Africa. Today : real estate, stock markets…

One the way: infrastructures, telecommunications, transport, renewable energy, etc.

Designed around your mobile life…
One Mobile App to rule them all

Our mobile application will follow you in your day to day life and you will now be able to live Yewou banking experience (Transfer |Buy | Invest).
AnyWhere, AnyTime in AnyDevice.

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